Monday, August 4, 2014

Designing Monday

I finished the donation quilt I started last week and decided to join in the fun on the Friends and Companions Designer Sew Along.  I finished the first square the day it was posted.  I must have been in a energetic mood that day.

Our daughter took off on the bus to Idaho for a few days to visit a family friend.  When we dropped her off at the terminal, a woman around 50ish showed up with a suitcase, two ginormous trash bags with bedding, a carry on bag and a large clear plastic container full of stuff.  She wanted to put all of her stuff in the luggage area and the bus driver would not let her because the trash bags could come open and make a mess and the clear container had to be taped up.  She had a big melt down and the bus driver kept scolding her.  While this drama continued, my sweet daughter picked up all this lady's belongings and made 3 trips into the bus loading them on.  I don't think the lady stopped crying or the bus driver stopped scolding long enough to realize that the problem was solved.

She also told us that at one stop a lady tried to board the bus with a chihuahua in her carry on bag.  I guess this is a no-no.  When the driver stopped her, the lady said it was her seeing eye dog.  LOL.

Be sure to hop over to Judy's blog to see some beautiful designs today.

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  1. You are the second person I have seen who made this block the day it was posted! Looks great!
    Oh, my goodness, what bus stories! How nice of your daughter. Did the woman have to pay for two seats for all of her stuff?
    Where in Idaho will your daughter be?