Friday, August 8, 2014


Today is the Warehouse Sale at Primitive Gatherings.  I was up bright and early and on the road before 7 am.  It is about a 40-45 min. drive from my house.  Mine was the only car in the parking lot. Last year there was a line at the door to get in.  One of the worker bees was in the parking lot and he opened the door for me and told me to go ahead and look around.  I was the very first customer!!

There are 3 very long tables full of bolts at $5.00/ yd.  If you buy 20 yards, it is $4.00/ yd.  I needed backings for several quilts and had my list of yardages in hand.  I pulled out a pile of bolts and headed for the cutting tables in the next room.  Two ladies did my cutting pretty quickly.  I went back in the main room and I could see a line forming outside.  I guess I was the only one that was let in early so I had free reign of the place for at least 15-20 minutes.

There were lots of fat 1/4's and 1/2 yd cuts that were discounted, but not nearly as much as the bolts.  Lots of books and magazines at 50% off.  Quite a few kits from candle mats to bed size quilts.  Some wool fabric, too.

So here is my haul.

These 3 are from Kathy Schmitz's Piecemakers line.  I won some charm packs and mini charm packs from Kathy quite a while ago and need some yardage to make something of any size.

These are neutrals for my stash.

These are backings for quilt tops I have ready to go.  Don't you love the birds on the red fabric?

In case you are wondering, I did manage to get my 20 yard discount.  Just sayin'.

Thank you to Primitive Gatherings for hosting such a fabulous sale.  All the fabric was high quality and I was able to get what I needed.  Of course, it helps to be first!


  1. This sounds like too much fun! Wish I could have been there with you--especially since you got in the door early and had the run of the place!! : )
    Definitely would have managed 20 yards, I'm sure.

  2. oh, you are so lucky to live near by. I am sure that was some fun shopping.