Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Almost Done

I can hardly believe the year is almost over.  For some reason I don't feel like I have accomplished much.  Some of my days really stand out, but most just blur together.  I guess that is true for most of our life.  This sounds like a resolution coming on, but I'm not going to kid you or me.  I'll just keep plugging along and focus on the good stuff that is happening around me.

I just finished the 11th block of the Threads of Memory from Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog.


 I have enjoyed this so much.  She provides some really detailed stories about the lives of people who lived through the horror of slavery and  many resources to learn more.  She and her mignons have also provided a great BOM that is not very stressful and results in some beautiful blocks.

Only one more to go!

Next month  she is providing setting options.  I think I have one picked out already, but I could be swayed.  I still have the December block to piece.  The pattern was posted this past Saturday so I may be able to finish it still this year.  I took the day off today from everything else except laundry so I can sew without interruption.

We so enjoyed having our family here for Christmas.  This is the first time we have all been together for quite a few years and it was such a fun time.  Our son's girlfriend even joined us.  It was the first time our son had been home in a year and a half.  Our daughter came home from Japan - another stopover between foreign teaching jobs.  We were truly blessed.

Such a cute couple!

Wishing you a truly Happy and Pieceful New Year.


  1. I know what you mean about a whole year and what did I do...The first 3/4 of the year we tried to sell our house... extra cleaning is not sewing. The last 1/4 was packing and moving - not sewing either. I did finish a quilt for H2H and donated a second. .. and I finished a pillow for my hubby for a late Christmas (29th) gift. Now I've gotta finish the baby quilt I started several years ago. It's for my granddaughter turning 1 in a month! Lol
    Don't feel badly - you're doing better than some of us.

  2. "Life" always comes first and there are many lessons along the way that remind us of that! That's a great quilt. Why is it that the 'star' theme appeals to so many of us?!?

  3. Nice blocks! I only made the first one--and then I gave it away and gave up. I could see it wasn't going to work out to try and keep up. : )
    They are a very cute couple!

  4. Interesting to see the star blocks all together. You are close to done with making the blocks.