Monday, December 1, 2014

Designing Monday

Just a little sewing this week.  I finished the Cascadia Sew Along mystery quilt top from Humble Quilts.  I really like the small blocks on point.  I read in another blog that it was referred to as Seminole patchwork.  I haven't done that before, although it wasn't any different than sewing large blocks on point.  Just lots of them.  Hope to get it quilted this week.

I also finished sewing together my block of the month for Threads of Memory.  Here are all 10 of my finished blocks so far.  It just dawned on me that a new block was posted this weekend and I haven't even looked it up.   I better get at it quick before the December rush hits me.

I found a few photos of our church sanctuary that I took this week.  We took down the fall decor and put up the Advent trimmings on Wednesday.  I didn't think to take any photos of the new look, but will get that done this week.  Thought you might enjoy seeing how it looked.

The altar was topped with burlap and silk leaves.  
The urns are stuffed with corn stalks and pumpkins and leaf garlands.

We flipped over a beige banner and pinned a burlap ribbon and a silk leaf on it.

This is a large wooden chair that nobody sits in because they are so uncomfortable.  (We have two.)
There is a command strip hook on the back of the chair hung upside down.  The wreath has a burlap ribbon with a wire on the end that loops over the hook on the back.  Our church is very historic and we are very sensitive to using nails and tacks on anything.  Those command strips are a life saver.

Hop on over to Judy's blog  to see more beautiful designs.


  1. Your Cascadia quilt looks great. I think I like yours the best of all I've seen.

  2. Wish I'd made Cascadia. I love yours!

  3. Wow love the Cascadia quilt!! Those stars are definitely shining brightly, they look wonderful

  4. Love your Threads of Memory blocks, the color palette is very striking.

  5. I am working on the Cascadia quilt today and doing some un-sewing. I thought the on point rows had four squares instead of five. I see you have yours done and looking good.