Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All of the above quilts were part of a special exhibit at Quilt Expo and were all made by one lady named Mildred Sorrells. She has made over 200 quilts and won many awards. The quilt at the top is call Cathedral Ceiling which won Best of Show last year at Quilt Expo. Another of her quilts called Charisma won an award at Paducah this year and is in the museum there. What a prolific quilter!

One other important note: There were TWO Dear Jane Quilts in the show. One was on white background fabric and the other was on tan. Otherwise they were in reproduction fabrics and really beautiful. I am always excited to see one completed. Two put me over the moon! I'm easily entertained.

That concludes the slideshow of the Quilt Expo. Wasn't that fun? Wish you could have been there with me.

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  1. What I great quilt show and just think how many hours went into all those quilts. I have done a Nearlly Insane so I know the hours that goes into that one. And, I have the pattern for the one that has the blue ribbon. After seeing that one in your photo I think it might just be filed under the "inspiration pattern" category. I would love to see the two Dear Janes you saw at the show. Thanks for sharing your great photos.