Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I sat down to sew yesterday and my machine was not plugged in. I unplugged it before we went on vacation --- in August. AUGUST?? What have I been doing? mostly reading plus a lot of housecleaning because we had overnight guests and hosted a gathering of church folks one evening. Hmmm. Not much to show for almost a month.

Well I sat down to sew and when I moved some papers, I found the pieces of a square that I had not finished for the latest quilt I was working on before vacation. I thought I had finished it, but no. So yesterday and today I am finishing that one block. It is the Pine Burr and its horrible, no-good, terrible, very bad set- in seams. I am so ready to be done with this block and this quilt. Funny how I was so in love with the pattern when I saw it in the Fons & Porter magazine and when I cut out all those pieces and when I sewed those 350 or was it 450 HST's which seemed like 4500 HST"S. All was good til I got to those set-in seams. There ought to be a law! The worst is almost over and then I can do some nice straight seams for awhile. LOL!

Two really good things: tonite is my stitching group get-together and this weekend is another quilt show. So much to look forward to.

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