Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Wonderful Quilts

Here are more quilts from Quilt Expo.

The first quilt is about the pantry and has a red gingham curtain that is attached to the front of the quilt and is pulled back with a tie. I thought that was pretty clever.

The 2nd quilt is a Rose of Sharon type quilt - one of my all time favorite patterns. The 3rd quilt won the best of show and was called A Thousand and One Berries. They were all perfectly appliqued circles. Very impressive.
The next is a New York Beauty style with some applique at the bottom.
The next is a quilt with all different blocks several with American flags and a couple with Abraham Lincoln like the close up shot. It was really interesting and beautifully done.
The next is a Buckeye Beauty which has now gone on list of quilts to make. Very scrappy and a fairly simple pattern, I think. What I like best is the maker constructed the sashing of lots of smaller scraps, so it is very multi-colored and lovely.
Next is a Nearly Insane quilt. I had never seen one up close, so I captured it to study a little more.
Another beautiful applique with birds and tree of life.
The quilt that looks like fireworks is by Claudia Clark Meyers and Marilyn Badger and the final quilt is by Marilyn Badger alone. She is one of my very favorite quilters. I took a picture of the quilting up close, but I don't think it showed up really well. She is so creative when it comes to long arm quilting.

More photos coming.


  1. Beautiful beautiful quilts. I am enjoying your photos so much. Keep them coming!!!!! I don't have to ask if you are having a good time because I know you are.

  2. I love all the pictures you've shared from Quilt Expo! Thanks for sharing them here!