Monday, September 24, 2012

Designing Monday

I have been sewing away on the black and batik quilt squares from the class I took over a week ago.  I am trying to decide whether to make the centers of each square random, all the same color, or follow a pattern of some sort.  When I look at it now, my eyes wander all over the place.  I have stalled at the moment on sewing until I make this decision.

I continue to sew on the 3rd of my orange and black series, but don't have enough to photograph.

Big News:  I now have a design wall.  I saw somewhere on the Internet where a quilter stapled a piece of flannel on the wall, no fancy frame, etc.   Joann had flannel on sale for $3 a yard.  I bought enough to wall paper my whole house, I think.  LOL!   So I put together enough to hang on my wall and then tried to staple it on.  I had to get my husband to help me as I couldn't stand on the ladder, hold the fabric, and staple at the same time.  It took a few tries, but we finally got staples across the top.  The staple holes in the wall are so small that I am hoping that they will not show.  That's the theory anyway.  I did end up using some duct tape on the bottom corners and side to make it lay flat.  As we were hanging it up, my husband had to ask, "Why are we doing this?"  Even after explaining, he wasn't convinced.  Once we were done, I put up the pieces of the quilt I am working on and told him to come look.  His insightful response was "Hmm."  Followed by," How do those pieces stay on there?"  I said, "You're the engineer, you figure it out!"

So the design wall is working well for me, but a quandary for the non-quilting husband.  That seems to be a common theme in much we do these days.  LOL!

Stop by Judy's blog and see more fun designs.


  1. Beautiful quilt! Yay you for a new design wall. I bet you will just love it!

  2. Design Walls are a wonderful tool for designing on. You can see things you just cannot see otherwise!

  3. I like the random wandering look of your quilt! It's a good wandering! Congrats on the design wall... so what your saying is you bought enough flannel to make designs walls in every room of the house? Sounds logical to me! :)

  4. great looking quilt.
    My design wall is also flannel hanging on the wall. Had it for years and it works great.

  5. The design wall is great. As to the center block question....auditioning is the best solution. Put it up on your new wall and stand back. If you're still undecided, take a digital picture and look at that. I find it helps to give me a little bit more removed feel to the situation and helps me to see it more objectively. Whatever the choice I really like it!