Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quilt Expo Continued

Here are more of the Quilt Expo photos from last Thursday.  It is such a treat to be able to see such quality work.  Definitely great inspiration.

This next quilt is a Christmas quilt.  It is done in blue and cream with red and green trees and red and green in the long star.  There are machine embroidered motifs in each of the light spaces between the star points.

Here are some closeups.  A snow man embroidery

Gorgeous quilting and a a paper pieced star

 I love this border ... a scalloped keyboard
 A pineapple quilt with appliqued border.  Love love love it.

I love how there is a scalloped border on two corners and squared off corners on the other two.

 This quilt is so sweet.  It had the word "Alpha-Baat" in the title because there are sheep.  The tree on the right has lots of tiny pieces of fall colored fabric fused on in a 3D kind of way.

I love this border too.  I think these blocks were cross stitched.

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  1. So much to take in, Kris. Each quilt amazing in its own way. I want that Christmas quilt!! : )