Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quilt Expo Part 2

More photos but first this interesting tidbit:

After posting to my blog yesterday, I received a delightful email from the maker of one of the unidentified quilts from my photos.  Her name is Janet Knapp and she is the maker of My Victory Garden.  She used a Primitive Gatherings pattern and modified it to make it her own by adding an American Flag on the right hand side.  Janet was unable to attend Quilt Expo and by some fluke came across my blog and discovered that she had won a ribbon for her quilt.  She told me that this same quilt won a Judge's Choice award  at Paducah this year and a first in the Minnesota show in June.  I am so excited for her.   She also shared her feelings about sending off a quilt to a show as well as what it is like to participate in a juried show.  What a treat to hear from her!  Here is her quilt again:

 My Victory Garden 
by Janet Knapp

Anyway, here are more lovely quilts from the show.  I wish I could take photos of all of them to show 

 Delectable Mountain Garden
by Illinois Quilters Inc of Green Oaks, IL

On Target by Mary Althaus
(I love this pattern.  Anybody know the name of it?) 

 This Old Barn
by Robin Hessefort

Barn Details
Rambutan by Rita Straubhaar

 One Little Red Bird by Juleen Prose

No Place Like Home
by Gerry Fischer

Bentonville Square
by Karen Kielmeyer and
the You Go-Go Girls Art Quilt Group
Dancette by Susan Suhre


Woodland Secrets
by Freida Anderson

 Cereal Killer Strikes Again
by Phyllis Kluger
This one is so funny.  Hope you can see the detail.

Come back again tomorrow for more photos.


  1. WOW, I can't believe what some people can create! Amazing!

  2. It is truly humbling to be among so many talented gals/guys who choose this art form! Love the post! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! Hugs......