Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quilt Expo Part 3

Here is the final day of photos from Quilt Expo.  Hope you have enjoyed going to the show with me.  Do you have a favorite?

Sparkle The Fruitcake
by Sue Hawkes
 Can you see the detail?  There is knotted cording between each pointed pentagon, plus many, many crystals on the points ( as well as the rest of the quilt).  Gorgeous quilt.

 Willa's Wash by Kathleen Kinney

This one just goes way off the scale for cuteness.  I love, love it!

 A quilt made of hankies

 Sunshine in the Mist
by Cheryl Lennox

 Lovin' Trains
by Jean Neitzel

Can you see the detail in the quilting?  There are engine faces on the right like Thomas the Tank engine and in the blue border on the left are RR crossing signs.  So creative!

 Royal Gatherins
by Cecile Stow

 by Gail Smith ( I missed the title.)
I love the pumpkins and fall colors.

I saved the best for last.  The final quilt is the Best of Show Award Winner.  
Creation Springs Forth
by Betty Ekern Suiter

Betty came to our guild in July and brought this quilt for all to see.  She hand dyes all her fabrics, hand appliqués and hand quilted this entire thing.  It is absolutely fabulous and flawless.  I took Betty's hand quilting and hand appliqué class through our guild.  It was quite an honor to learn from such a master.

Hope you enjoyed the show.  


  1. Such a diverse display, and everything so well done. I have a grandson that would love that train quilt. As for me--I think I'd take the second to the last one. : )

  2. the border on that first quilt is simply amazing. I would have never thought to do anything like that. thanks for sharing all the quilts.