Monday, June 23, 2014

Designing Monday

I spent the week visiting Arizona, so not much sewing going on.  I did take some handwork and got a bunch of hexagons basted.  I use freezer paper templates and baste thru the corners so this went pretty fast.  I have a few hexagon flowers sewn together.

I remade 5 blocks from the quilt on my design wall - cheddar and blue quilt from Quilt Sampler magazine.  I think 5x5 is as big as I am going to make it.  I am piecing the border next.

Have a wonderful week and hop on over to Judy's blog to see lots more beautiful designs in progress.


  1. Love the fabrics you are using for your hexies especially the mix of background fabrics.

  2. Vacations do cut into our sewing time. I like the two different blocks you've used on your quilt. Hum, 5 x 5 would fit on my wall quite nicely.