Friday, June 6, 2014

New Growth

I went out to the backyard today to look at our plants and found lots and lots of teeny, tiny grapes on our arbor.  We have one plant for green grapes and one for purple.  Last year there was very little growth on the purple plant, but it had lots of grapes.  The green plant grew very tall and had lots of vines shooting off the main stem and only two or three grapes.  So far this year the green plant has grown even taller over the top of the arbor and there are gobs of tiny grapes.  The purple plant is very stunted and has only a few grapes.  Can't wait to see what happens.  Here are photos of the green grapes today.  They are like microscopic tiny.

I'm making progress on my blue and cheddar quilt.  I have several of the Block 2's done and trying to decide whether to remake some of the block 1's.  I used two different neutral fabrics for Block 1 and now I am thinking the one with flowers is not very attractive.  Which of these things is not like the others?  Still thinking.


  1. I think the flowers will look fine if there is enough of it interspersed in the quilt. It will give it more depth and character, but that is just MHO! *LOL*

  2. You are like me in the sense of standing back and rethinking what I have already done... go with your gut... if you don't like the flowers, save the block for another project, and go back to what you like the best! Easier said than done, right???

  3. I have to agree with you, based on the above photo, that the background has almost a "dirty" appearance, compared to the others. Love the blocks!!!!!

  4. We have a grape vine growing this year too. It is on our patio growing on an arbor. One day we hope it will really cover some of the patio.
    Great blocks.