Monday, June 1, 2015

Designing Monday

I started a new project this week -- a Jo Morton design called Rhubarb Crisp.  It's all browns and reds and pinks.  Since it's rhubarb season around here, that seemed like the perfect way to go.  Also a great excuse to add a few more pinks to my stash.  Pink is one of my go to colors.

Rhubarb Crisp is a table runner with stars and loads of flying geese and pink and red corner stones.  Can't wait to have it all laid out.

Lots of stars

Even my cutting mat is pink!!

Tons of Flying geese in the Sashing

We spent last weekend in Door County.  It is always such a great place to visit.  Some friends invited us to share their condo for the week.  We were only able to stay 4 days, but that was such a fun packed time.  We took our GPS for geocaching and introduced them to this.  Everything was just blooming and leafing out so it was a perfect time to comb the woods and beaches and rock ledges looking for caches.  We played Bocce and hiked and took boats out on the lake.

Geocaching in the rain
Enjoying Maifest Arts & Crafts Sale

We celebrated my husband's birthday at a restaurant owned by one of my high school friends.  We had lunch at a fun restaurant designed for kids.  It used to be an old country tavern and now the bar is graced with a little model train that delivers your food and drinks.  Since it is a popular place for families there is usually a wait for seating.  So the owners have created lots of outdoor activities to keep busy while waiting -- giant pedal cars to ride through the woods, a giant chess set, basketball, ping pong, etc. all outdoors.

 Lunch at PC Junction

At church yesterday a friend of mine who had ordered the altar flowers in memory of her daughter gifted me with one of the bouquets.  Such a sweet thing to do and now I have beautiful color in my kitchen.

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  1. Love your new project--what a fun name. : )
    One of the dirt roads I take walks on has a geocache under a tree at the bend. Sometimes I see people stop and hunt for it. It is pretty well hidden in all of the growth we have due to heavy rains through May.
    I love the sound of the eatery for families.
    Beautiful flowers!