Friday, June 26, 2015


My husband and I like to geocache on nice days and when we travel.  We aren't hard core.  It's just a fun pastime to get us out of the house once in awhile to enjoy some fresh air.  I especially like caching when we are in the woods or visiting some new area of the country.  I am particularly amazed at how many places we have visited in our own county that we never knew existed.

Yesterday we went on a new caching adventure called WhereIGo?  This is a little like a scavenger hunt using our iPad.  WhereIGo is an app that sends you to different locations where you collect digital items and at the end of the hunt you are given coordinates for a cache.  Our adventure yesterday took us to Bay Beach, an amusement park in Green Bay.  We used to go to Bay Beach with our kids for picnics and to ride the rides frequently.  Since our kids have grown, this was my first trip back in probably 8 - 10 years.  I thought I would show you a few photos of the park as it has a special down home feel to it. No long lines, no wrist bands, no fingerprint ID.  Just buy some tickets and have some fun.

When you first enter the park you see this beautiful building called the pavilion.  The park started back in the 1890's and my guess is this building was built shortly after.  I know that Franklin Roosevelt made a speech on the front steps in 1934.
 The left wing of the building was used for bumper cars when I first moved here in the 70's, but they now have their own little house.  The pavilion is also used for dances and bingo and other fun activities.

We started our geocache fun on the front steps of the pavilion.  It took us all over the park collecting virtual items.  This park is pretty retro and the rides have been purchased over the years from other parks that are closing down, so there really aren't any new ones.  I love all the kiddy rides...

I remember my kids riding these little boats and one of them missed the edge of the pool when stepping out and got soaked.

The park has had a train for many years and this beautiful depot building was added a few years ago.  
These train cars were donated this past year by a man in Milwaukee who had them stored in a warehouse.  He had never been to Bay Beach, but loved the idea of the park and was happy to give these cars a new home.  They look brand new.
There is a slide.  I love this thing.
It takes one ticket to ride the slide.
There are picnic grounds and at least a half dozen shelters.  
The park is located right on the bay of Green Bay and you can seen water forever.  There used to be bathhouses here for swimming, but that all closed when the water became too polluted.
This Zippin Pippin was added 5 years ago. What is it?
A huge wooden roller coaster.
It is the crowning glory of the park.  Why you might ask?

Because Elvis rode this roller coaster in Memphis.  It was moved to Green Bay and rebuilt. Can you read the sign?  Elvis made his last public appearance when he rode it and died a few days later.  It takes 4 tickets to ride the Zippin Pippin.

The most amazing part about Bay Beach???
Yep!  The tickets are only a quarter.  When I moved here in the 70's the tickets were only a dime.  The price was raised about 10- 15 years ago to a quarter.  It is the greatest deal in the universe.

So next time you come to Wisconsin.  Look us up.  This is a great way to spend the day.

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  1. This looks like a very fun place--and so reasonable. How nice that something fun and affordable is still available to families. Kudos to whomever keeps this going at these rates.