Monday, June 22, 2015

Designing Monday

The fifth session of my long arm class has come and gone along with most of my patience and a little of my good nature.  We had two machines going this week and I got one that has been out of commission and is still not right.  The bobbin thread broke a couple of times.  The main thread broke several times.  And I broke two needles.  I managed to get half of my quilt done and the teacher asked me to stop.  She was frustrated too.  She has been after the school to get the machines fixed for several weeks to no avail.

So this week I am first up on the one good machine left out of three and I will finish my quilt.  It is a donation quilt for a returning soldier.  I tried loop-de-loops and stars this time.

 I am pretty darn good at those loop-de-loops.  My stars were good as long as I kept them in the same orientation, like if I were drawing them with a pencil.  But I had a couple of bloopers when I tried to change direction with them.

Rhubarb is in full swing here and I made a rhubarb coffee cake with lots of cinnamon and brown sugar on top.  I wish I had put some cinnamon in the cake and it would be even better.

Peonies are also running amok.  This is my second bouquet and they are still blooming in abundance.

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  1. Wow! your fmq is impressive. Are you planning to purchase a machine?

  2. Looks like a great quilt for a returning soldier. Your quilting looks good to me!
    Beautiful peonies. : )

  3. Your quilting looks great! There is a place near me where one can learn to long arm quilt and I've thought about it. Your peonies are gorgeous and rhubard... yummy! It's hard to grow in the south.

  4. Sorry to 'hear' of your long-arm experience. That kind of frustration is the MOST unpleasant for all. The rhubarb is still going strong here, too, but the peonies are well past. They were gorgeous this year.....lots of rain and warmth=perfect!!!

  5. Beautiful quilts, beautiful fabrics and beautiful peonies