Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Regift for a Friend

Sometime last year or maybe it was the year before, a friend gave me an unfinished piece of sewing that she did not want.  As you can see it is a folded star set into a larger rectangle of tan fabric.

The fabrics kind of scream 1970's.

I don't think my friend made it and I don't know what the maker intended, but my first thought was placemat.  Except there is only one and who needs just one placemat.  Then I thought tote bag.  Except I just wasn't feeling it.  So it sat.  I asked friends who came to my house what they thought I should do with it.  Placemat, tote bag, table topper were the responses.  Still not feeling it.

I even took it to a guild meeting and asked a lady there who demonstrated the folded star once.  Still not much help.  So it sat some more.  As you can see this thing came with several layers.

On top there is tan, then rust,

and then a piece of unbleached muslin.  I made one of these years ago in red and white and I don't remember all this excess fabric on the bottom.  For the record, I put mine in a wooden embroidery hoop and hung it on the wall.

Then a couple of weeks ago I showed a hexagonal table topper that I had made using Luann's tutorial on her Loose Threads blog.  Doreen commented and said it was a nice way to use up orphan blocks and the light bulb went on.  Finally a way to use that folded star.  So I got busy and found some fabric at Joann's for the outer border and here it is all finished.

I didn't even notice when I bought the border fabric that it had gold metallic thread or paint on it.  It really makes the border look special.
So I am regifting it to the friend who gave me the unfinished piece to begin with.  I am betting she will want to keep it now.  If not, I am sure I can find someone who will want it.


  1. Beautiful! And the perfect use of the folded star. Great fabrics, too.

  2. Looks so pretty now! Excellent save!

  3. It looks great. You can really use anything in that center block. Thanks for mentioning my blog!