Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Tip #2

I seem to think alot about measuring and trying to make it easier, so my tip # 2 like my tip #1 last week is another little cheater system for measuring.  Here on my table that I use for cutting and ironing, I have placed two pieces of masking tape.  I think sometimes I should get some stock in 3M or whoever makes masking tape, because I have several rolls and I use it for a lot of stuff.  Anyway, one piece of tape is here next to my cutting mat.

The other piece is way down at the other end of the table by my ironing mat.  Nothing really significant about the placement except that they are 36 inches apart.  Sometimes when I have several yards of fabric that I have purchased for backing or background fabric, I want to do a quick estimate of the amount I have.  So I stuck the tape on the front of the table to quickly measure yards of fabric.

I don't know if this will work for everyone, as you need a table or surface that is at least 36" long and you have to be willing to put tape or some other mark on it.  But I can tell you it saves me quite a bit of time hunting down a yard stick and finding a place to measure large pieces of fabric.

I could see using safety pins on the edge of an ironing board or on a design wall if that works better for you.

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