Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tip

Lea Anne of Podunk Pretties is sponsoring a day each week of tips for sewing and quilting.  I don't think of myself as too inventive when it comes to sewing, but I do like to be efficient when I can.  So here is my little tip ( and I do mean very little ) :

 I keep a ruler taped to my sewing table right in front of me so I can measure things quickly when I need to.  Sometimes I sit down to sew and I question whether I have cut a piece correctly or whether I have sewn my 1/4" seam well.  I quickly can measure while I am there in front of my machine before I waste time sewing something that is incorrect.

I sometimes have to remember the words on my ruler when I do make a mistake!!

I purposely keep my cutting area and my ironing area across the room to force myself to get up and move vs. having everything in arm's reach of my machine.  It does take a little more time, but keeps my joints happier.

I am linking up to Lea Anne's blog today.  Please hop on over there to see some more good tips and ideas.


  1. My extension table has ruler markings, but if it didn't, I would do this. It is very handy.
    And I am with you about getting up and moving. I sew a room away from my "sewing room", so I am always having to go back and forth. Not efficient, but healthier!

  2. I too have that ruler on my machine base. And I get up to iron and cut, keeps the blood moving. I need all the help I can get lol.

  3. Great idea about the ruler! I'm going to do that, too. I, too, have my cutting and ironing area away from my sewing machine. Moving is a good thing!