Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm almost done with another Pine Burr block today. There are so many pieces and I somehow manage to get something going the wrong direction in every block. I carefully lay everything out and then Shazam! like magic there is a block marching off the wrong way. So far, I have caught it each time before there is too much serious ripping to do.

Here are some detail shots of the Sunbonnet Sues on the baby quilt I showed yesterday. The flamingo is for an aunt (my sister) who lives in Florida, the dog is for the mother (my niece) who had several dogs, the painter's palette is for the grandmother (my sister-in-law) who is obviously an artist, and the heart is for the great grandmother (my mom) who was the Queen of Hearts.

Today was my day to work at church and then out to lunch with my friends. In our downtown area, there is a boardwalk along the river and restaurants set up tents one day a week and sell lunch items. It's only about 5 blocks from church, so off I went only to discover I was a day early. LOL. So typical for me. Well, now I have something to look forward to tomorrow!!


  1. I find myself doing the same thing with my Civil War Tribute blocks....getting something going in the wrong way. Frustrating.

    I love your sunbonnet Sue's. They are so precious.

  2. Kris, mark your calendar - this quilt show looks like great fun and location location location is beautiful. Second week in July