Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lost in the Bermuda Half Square Triangle

How can it possibly take so long to make HST's? I think I have completed the 450 hst's required for this quilt. I have counted them all and sorted them by color so I can try to randomize their placement. I have cut more than half of the remaining pieces required for the quilt, so construction should start any day now. Since I am trying to use up scraps, it seems to take much longer to find pieces of fabric that will go with this quilt and then cut them up. It is a great lesson in patience. The bad news is that I have not made any Dear Jane blocks since I don't want to create any more fabric piles until I have this one pieced.

We watched Pillars of the Earth on Friday night, at least the first two episodes that are available over the Internet. We plugged the computer into the TV and Voila! we are at the movies. The first two episodes are great and follow the book pretty well. Since the book was huge, they have cut out most of the detail and tried to capture the basic storyline. It is always interesting to see how the characters are cast. I envisioned Prior Phillip to be a bit older and the mean guy whose name I can't think of was kind of wimpy looking, but played the part pretty well. Anyway, tune in if you can. Very entertaining.


  1. You look like you have been quite busy!
    Have you started any of your Dear Jane? That is something I plan on getting started on here in the next couple of weeks.

    Take care

  2. Kris - I like how you are organizing all those HST blocks! I think it's great you are using up all your scraps this way and I look forward to seeing this quilt as it evolves!