Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And He's Off

Yesterday we drove thru the blizzard to O'Hare to put our youngest on the plane for a semester abroad. Doesn't he look happy?? He met up with a friend at the airport and they traveled together and are living in the same dorm, so at least he will have a support system of 1 for the first few days. He was very excited, but also very nervous as he started packing on Saturday. He was doing that leg jiggling thing all day on Sunday, so I knew he was close to the edge. What an exciting time for these two young men.

I am on day 15 with no washing machine. I was sick with a cold when it died, so my husband went out and scouted all the newest machines and came back with the facts, ma'am, just the facts. He made his recommendations and when I felt better we went back to the store and bought one. We are going with a front loader and there was even a promotion that gave us a free pedestal to put it on. Unfortunately because there was a promotion, pedestals are on back order and we still don;t have our washer. I have made several trips to the laundromat and sent my son with all his laundry on Sunday so he would be ready to travel. Have you been to a laundromat lately. This one was so clean and they had really big machines, but $2.00 for a little bitty load! Yikes. But I was thankful that it was there and close to home.


  1. Wishing safe travels and an awesome Semester abroad for your son!
    15 days without a washing machine - that's a real "nightmare in a laundry basket"! lol
    Hope you get to feeling better soon and your new machine arrives quickly too!

  2. Looks like he's off on a fun adventure. My daughter just went back, too, so I know how you miss him. Take care.