Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go Pack Go!!

As you can imagine this is a big week in Packer Country. The news stations are working overtime finding stories and making interviews with anyone and everyone remotely affiliated with the Packers or the area. The newspaper is jammed full of news reports on the Packers win and the NFC Championship. It is really an exciting time.

Some of the smaller events that interest me are:

1) My 84 year old friend, Don, made it to the Packer Pro Shop at 8 am Monday to get his new Packer Tshirt and hat commemorating the game this past Sunday. He was also sporting 1 green and 1 gold rhinestone on his earlobe. Too funny. You go, Don!

2) Green Bay and other Wisconsin food banks will receive a total of 18,000 cans of Campbell's soup for having the highest number of votes on the Chunky.com website. Our church food pantry is one of the fortunate recipients. Thank you Campbells. This is incredibly generous. I think Green Bay has won this every year. One of the benefits of being a small town franchise with a lot of heart and a great community.

3) Our church organist played the Packer fight song on the organ the last 2 Sundays at the end of the service. The pastors are now gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday. Can't wait to see what they pull out.

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