Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Here

My new Super Duper washer is here. No more laundromat. YaHoo. I have run about 10 loads of laundry in the last 2 days and I still have more to go. It never seems to end. Of course, having our son home was like an explosion when it comes to dirty clothes. I sent him off to the laundromat last Sunday to do his own so he was all ready to travel.

He made it to England, but his suitcase was lost for 3 days -- no clothes, no toothbrush, nothing except his computer and his paperwork. At least he had the things that were most important to him. Ha Ha. We have had a few disjointed emails as his computer connection is not right yet. He has a lot to figure out and a short amount of time to do it as classes start on Monday. Right now he has all his classes on 3 days. A 4 day weekend every week. What a deal!
Yesterday was my parents' anniversary. They have both passed away. They were married in 1943 during the war and my dad was on leave. He was stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia at the time so off they went to live there until he was reassigned and my mother came back to Indiana to live with her folks. I love seeing these photos of what they were like before I knew them. Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

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  1. Hi Kris..Happy anniversary to Mom and Dad; may they rest in Peace together. Are they buried here in Indiana? Great washer. Is the drawer underneath there for storage? I see you fit it under your cabinets. My cabinets are low, so I would have to measure. My set is 11 years old now or maybe a little over. I think the usual life span is 10 years. Glad you don't have to go out to the laundromat in the cold.