Monday, May 12, 2014

Designing Monday

Not much to report here.  I finished two embroidered dish towels.  This are fun filler work for TV time and I wanted to make a set for upcoming summer holidays.  I think this is the 3rd time I have made these same two patterns.

Martha White Transfer
Free Download from Internet

Our daughter made it to Japan safely and started teaching yesterday ( Monday for her ).  She has already made quite a few new friends and done quite a bit of sight seeing in Tokyo.  Her school is outside Tokyo and she has a cute little efficiency apartment.  It's a little larger than a dorm room but not much.  Great for the 3 months she will be there.  Next weekend she is going to a sumo tournament.  LOL.

Hope you had a nice Mothers' Day.   We had a nice brunch out after church.  Ran into my son's best friend.  He is like my 3rd child, so it was so nice to see him and get a big hug since my two are far away.

Hop over to Judy's blog for more fun designs.


  1. So cute and so nicely done. Thanks for the link! Sounds like your daughter is having a great time and your Mother's Day was lovely.

  2. Lovely embroideries, Kris. How smart to have them done before summer arrives. I'm visiting family in Wisconsin as I write this... enjoying my time here, thunderstorms and all!
    What a wonderful life experience for your daughter in Japan. I'm sure you miss her though... hopefully the three months will race by!

  3. Very cute designs!
    Good to hear that your daughter arrived safely and is settled in. : )

  4. Your cute tea towels remind me of towels my grandmother and great aunt had. Hum, I know I had some of them but I bet I used them so much they fell apart. I would love to have the link. I didn't notice any "live" links and will do some more searching on the Internet to find those cute designs. Thanks for the eye candy!