Saturday, May 17, 2014

History Day

I had a fun morning touring the historic district in our area.  The local historical society is offering tours of the neighborhood by volunteer docents highlighting the architecture and stories of the original owners.  Here are some photos of some of the houses.  They are really grand and it was a cool but sunny morning, so a great way to get in some exercise and a history lesson at the same time.
 Fun bric-a-brac and pretty paint job
 Same house but better view of the porte-cochere
 Great veranda

 Love the little lightning rod
 This beauty is a little weathered and has been turned into apartments.  The 3rd floor of the turret is a porch.  How sweet!
 Beautiful window detail
 Red brick with porte-cochere.  I went to a baby shower in the 3rd floor apartment of this home many years ago.  The apartments have since been removed and it has been restored to a gorgeous home with ballroom on the 3rd floor.  
 Can you see the gargoyle downspouts under the eaves?  
 The only home we toured is called Hazelwood and was the home of Morgan L. Martin.  He was a Congressman from Wisconsin before it was a state and wrote the Wisc. state constitution.  This sweet quilt was on the bed of Martin's wife.  
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Loved the tour! Beautiful home... why can they build homes like that in these days?