Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another Block on the Wall

When my son played soccer in high school, the players made mix tapes and gave them to the people working in the announcer's booth and they played the music over the PA system while the boys warmed up.  One of the favorites was always Another Brick in the Wall.  When I took a photo of my blocks to post today, that song popped in my head.  Seems like the sew alongs I'm doing are just that Another Block on the Wall.  I am getting anxious to get them set together and see some finished progress.

Here is the latest block for the Friends & Companions Sew Along that was published last Friday.  This is 4 baskets turned to the center.  I like this block a lot.

Here are all my blocks together.  The blocks come out once a week and that moves them along.  The blocks are pretty and go together pretty quickly.

Wow!  That light blue really stands out, doesn't it?  I guess I will have to use a little more in another block to spread out the impact.

Less than 24 hours until I go to Quilt Expo in Madison.  Gas tank is full, water is chilling in the fridge, camera battery is charging.  I'm almost ready.  Stay tuned for some great photos.

1 comment:

  1. Your blocks look really good--and the blue won't stand out so when it is spread around.
    Oh, how exciting to go to the Expo! I'll look forward to your report!