Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilt Expo 2

Nothing new on my design wall today.  I am quilting a gift, so I will share more quilts from Quilt Expo.

 Summer Romance by Shirley Alexander
 Tiger Lily by Caryl Brix
 Aunt Mimi's Flower Garden II by Elsie Campbell
 Sedona Star by Sharon Christensen
 Acanthus with a Twist by Mary Olson

 Field of Poppies by Betty Richards
 A Pink Rose Garden for Zoe by Carol Schwankl
 Points of Interest by Mildred Sorrells

 Grape Arbor by Peggy Garwood
Mon Petit Baltimore by Susie Wimer
This was indeed a small quilt and the maker designed all the blocks to fit the smaller size.

Still more to come.


  1. Since I don't applique, these all intimidate me, but they also leave me in awe. Gorgeous quilts! I wonder if the "Elsie Campbell is the same woman who had lots of stuff in the now OOP Miniature Quilts Magazine?

  2. Janet O. Yes, I am that Elsie Campbell. This particular quilt Aunt MiMi's Flower Garden is now an workshop, if you are interested. So glad you like it!

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