Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quilt Expo 3

More quilts to share.

 Summer's Bounty by Nancy Whitton
 Flamboyant Fascination by Linda Neri
 Little Red Schoolhouse by Caryl Brix
 Battle of Greasy Grass - The faces appear to be photocopied onto fabric and then thread painted or quilted .  The map around the people is quilted onto the background.  The larger words are machine embroidered.  The smaller words which are place names on the map are written in by hand.  Lots of beading and embellishment as well.  
 Roses for Katrina by Gail H. Smith
 Closeup of quilting and border 
 Piecemakers' 2003 Times and Seasons

The next few are called Winding River by the Rambling River Project.  There were a total of 17 panels, I think, made by 17 different people.  Each depicted a portion of a river and they were hung at different heights so that the river flowed from one panel to the next.  Very clever idea.

The next ones were made by several people and called the Whimsical Cow Stampede.  The makers all used the same cow block from a book called Out of the Box with Easy Blocks.  These are just a sampling of about 30 quilts.

 And the Cow Said Boo
 Cowmen Miranda
 Happy Moo Year
 Vino Cow  - the udder has corks for teats
 Moolah -- A Cash Cow
 The Three Cowballeros
Moooy Cowliente

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