Monday, September 1, 2014

Designing Monday

This is my only sewing for the week.  This is the newest Threads of Memory block from Barbara Brackman.  I seem to have problems with the directions on some of these blocks and the templates don't always work for me.  I can't get them to print at the right size, etc.  So I drafted the block so I could paper piece and that worked well.

Here are all my Threads of Memory Blocks together.  I started out thinking I would make them all in blue and cheddar and then added some yellow and pretty soon the red slipped in there too.  I think it is more interesting with the added color.

Thursday is a big day.  Quilt Expo is coming to Madison again.  This is Nancy Zieman's show which is a benefit for Wisconsin Public Television.  So I get to share a day with my friends, support a worthwhile cause, and look at fabulous quilts all day long!  It doesn't get any better than that.

Hope you are having a fun holiday!  It is raining here so we are indoors!!!

Hop over to Judy's for some more design happiness.


  1. "Jacksonville Star" caught my eye when I read Barbara's post this week. I love this block!

  2. You did a beautiful job on the block, Kris!
    Look at you, keeping up. I dropped out after making the first block because by the time the second was posted I could tell it wasn't going to happen.
    Your group of blocks looks very good. I can't work with just two colors, either! : )

  3. LOVE your Threads of Memory blocks... that pop of red is a great addition. I've printed the blocks but haven't made a single one yet... time is an issue!

  4. That's a great block. I like the addition of red into the mix. Adds just the perfect pop. :)

  5. You sure did do a great job on those points in that star. The blocks all looks great together so far.