Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Great Find

I am so excited that I found this lamb's wool duster at the Home Depot. I have been looking for one with a long handle and this one actually telescopes. How cool is that!! I went around my house and dusted all the ceiling joints and the tops of the window frames and picture frames. I did my whole house in just a short time. It was so fun!! I didn't know housework could be this fun.

I am so lame!!

Seriously, my mom taught me to dust the ceilings using a broom with an old Tshirt or dust rag over the bristles. No matter how I attached the Tshirt, it always came off and I got a crick in my neck. No more! I felt like a queen with a scepter. And it was really fun!!

I need more excitement in my life.

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