Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am really cookin'. I finished another Dear Jane block and should have another ready for tomorrow's post. WOW!! I am glad that I am finally getting going on this again. I am nearly finished with the center blocks, but have lots of triangles to do. I would like to get the whole quilt completed, as I have so many other projects that I want to do, but feel like I need to get this finished first.

Bad News. Some critter ate our one and only raspberry. This was entire crop for the first year and we are very sad to lose it, but can't wait til the canes really take off next year.

Our bathroom tile project is nearly complete. A tile person came again today and worked on the grout in the shower. It really needed to be replaced, so hopefully this will complete the tile work. The carpet still needs to be redone where the tile and carpet meet and that is supposed to happen tomorrow. This was a 10 day project that has lasted 5 weeks. We will be very glad to get back to using our bathroom and shower again. I'm sure our son feels the same way. We have been sharing his bathroom, which by the way has never been cleaner. Ha Ha.


  1. Hi Kris, I really like your finished Dear Jane block and I'm looking forward to popping in and seeing the finished quilt one day! ~karen

  2. Oh I love this one too! So nice that you are moving right along! you hand piece them or machine or both? Just wondering.

    So sorry about your raspberry. I don't like when we lose some of our eats:)

    We are getting ready to redo our kitchen. Fun!

  3. Your dear Jane Blocks are really lovely, and so perfect. The fabrics are great.
    How disappointing about your Raspberry, our No 1 son grew some last year and each one was a treasure. Luckily the dogs didn't discover the raspberries!

  4. Hi, Kris! Carrie P. sent me by to say hello. I really admire your Dear Jane blocks. I'm afraid I would never have the patience to finish an entire quilt made with those blocks. I'll have to enjoy seeing yours.

    Sorry about your raspberry -- a critter at my one and only tomato, too! Actually, I had a few, but they were all eaten. I think I'm finished with "farming." :-)

  5. Excellent Dear Jane block! I am making this quilt too. A four year journey at one block a week.

  6. A great block finished. good job.
    Oh the joys of remodeling.

  7. I started the dear jane several years ago. I have done about 8 blocks and hope to finish it someday.
    Maybe you will inspire me, I will join your site