Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Start

I spent my weekend making piles of HST's in many, many colors. They are all sorted so I can grab them by color and sew away. I made most of my first block for a Pine Burr quilt. I saw this pattern in an old Fons & Porter magazine that I bought at a quilt show last April. They had a booth to benefit the guild with boxes and boxes and boxes of quilting books and magazines. I loved the quilt at first sight and have had it on the back burner for awhile.

This first block was an experiment to see if I could really have the patience to put all those little pieces together. With only a small amount of resewing, I managed to get it together. I thought the set-in seams would be a problem. They were the least of my worries. Getting all those doggoned HST's to march the right direction almost did me in. I am sure I must be triangle-lexic.

Now that I have conquered the first block, I hope the rest will settle down and follow along.


  1. Oh I have had the same problems with so many HST's and getting them to go in the right direction. I did a Jo Morton quilt earlier this year that a bunch of those things and I thought I might be as you put it, 'triangle-lexic'. My eyes were going buggy LOL

  2. The block looks great. I love the scrappy look.