Thursday, July 1, 2010


We have decided to try our hand at growing red raspberries this year. My husband tilled up a bed for our daughter last year to grow cukes and some peppers, I think. She didn't get them planted until mid-July, so we got enough cukes to make a batch of pickles and that was about it. So we amended the soil this spring and one of our nice neighbors gave us a bunch of starts from his raspberry plants. They originally came from his grandma's bed in Milwaukee, so they are like his babies and he was thrilled to pass them on. We have held vigil over them everyday making sure that we give them the right amount of water, sun, and food. There is a chicken wire fence to keep out small critters. I don't know if they like to chew on raspberries, but they seem to help themselves to everything else in our yard. With a little luck, we may be eating raspberries next summer.

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  1. Your Dear Jane block looks great and you have made good progress. It took me about 9 years off and on to get the whole top finished. It is folded up in my sewing room until I decide whether to hand quilt it or send it out to be done by a long arm quilter. Good luck on your raspberries!!!