Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the Road

We've been enjoying a great vacation to Canada to visit friends and our daughter. Our friends live on a lake so there was boating and swimming and sailing and great food and games and getting caught up on the news. They were outstanding hosts and we had a fantastic time. We took a quick stop in Ottawa to sightsee and have lunch and then on to Montreal.

There is always so much to do in Montreal and great restaurants to try. Our daughter insisted we try a smoked meat sandwich, which tasted just like pastrami to me and then a walk to Juliet and Chocolat for a delicious dessert. The entire menu was chocolate desserts and drinks. My toes were curling in ecstacy just reading the menu and browsing the food cases. We each picked a different dessert and shared, of course. Lots of new foods to try as we ate our way thru town. No poutine on this trip, however.

On our way back to Wisconsin, we drove through the Algonquin Provincial Park and saw a bear on the side of the road eating raspberries. I took some photos and was tempted to shoo him away so I could pick a few myself.

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